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Baked With Love

At Crumbs, all cookies are baked fresh with only the finest ingredients, attention to detail, and love.  The first thing you will notice about our cookies is their size.  Each cookie weighs in at a whopping quarter of a pound!  That's a lot of love packed into a cookie.  The next thing you'll notice is their taste...soft, rich, and decadent.  The best you've ever tasted.  Before you know it, all that will be left is crumbs...


Paul, Minden, NV

These are the best cookies I have ever had! I bought these cookies as gifts for my managers at work for Christmas. I had a couple people that had allergies, but the cookies are individually packaged and labeled with their ingredients, so it was perfect for them. Everyone loved them! The packaging is a total WOW! These cookies are huge, soft, and delicious. The variety of flavors is amazing. I'm gonna have to join the Cookie of the Month club!! Freshly made cookies delivered to me every month...YES, PLEASE!

I bought a variety of cookies for the Holiday's . For starters, the packaging is beautiful! Each cookie comes individually wrapped and labeled. These cookies are huge, so soft, and packed with amazing flavor! The peanut butter cookies were my personal favorite, but all the flavors were highly enjoyed. We have some gluten allergies in my family, so I ordered the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and they were quite the crowd pleaser! We couldn't even tell the difference between the gluten-free and the originals. These are highly requested for our next party, and I will definitely be ordering again!

Amy, California

They are so so tasty and really really work!!

(referring to Lactation cookies).

Niki, Sparks, NV

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