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It all started with two best friends and their love of baking.  Soon after meeting at work, they were trading recipes and bringing treats to each other to critique.  Their focus eventually turned to finding the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.  They had both tasted plenty of good cookies, but they always seemed to lack something.  And so it began...  The friends began experimenting with ingredients and temperatures and after what seemed like a billion attempts, they finally had it.  The most delicious chocolate chip cookie they had ever tasted.

From there they began working on other cookie recipes and their family and friends started to tell them they needed to share these cookies with others...and Crumbs was born. Unfortunately, one of the friends couldn't continue the business, so the other took it on...and brought her sister in to help.  

Every batch of cookies from Crumbs is full of love and the passion for baking.

At Crumbs, we believe in providing a fresh, top-quality, gourmet product you cannot find anywhere else.  We use only the highest quality ingredients, such as our Guittard chocolate chips, and believe in attention to detail.  From the cookie to our packaging, you won't be disappointed.  


Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, house-warmings, or just because, a beautifully packaged box of Crumbs cookies is a gift like no other.  Have a college student at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR)? Want to send them a special treat? Not only will we hand deliver their gift directly to them, we will also send you a picture of them with their box of cookies.


We believe in outstanding customer service which is why we start with only taking orders over the phone.  We want to talk to you directly so we can make sure to get you exactly what you need. Special orders are always welcome.  Looking for a unique wedding favor?  No problem, we will work with you to make it perfect.  Need a large corporate order? We can do that, too.  Give us a call and we will work with you to make sure your order is exactly right for you.

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